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Founded on the 14th March 2001, and built upon over 30 years of combined experiences of the Directors in the field of Surge Protection and Electrical engineering, TRANSIENT RESOURCES SDN BHD is paving the way in the field of the manufacturing of state-of-the-art Surge Protection Devices.

We have been investing continuously in the further development of our line of Surge Protection Devices, as we understand, the well-being of our Clients’ devices as well as their peace of mind, is quite literally in our hands. The goals of this Company is to provide superbly effective line of products with great warranty for a perfect customer satisfaction. We go to great lengths to monitor and assure the quality of the production, hence increasing the production operation exponentially in the near future.



Transient Resources Sdn Bhd (TRSB)‘s main activities are the manufacturing of power, data, video and signal lightning surge protective devices. Products produced by Our Company has undergone thorough research period making the device highly suitable to Malaysia’s highly capricious lightning condition. Malaysia ranks as having the one of the highest lightning rate in the world.

The products branded as MARSA was designed to meet the safety standard requirement and tested to MS IEC 61643-1 compliance. It is designed to provide full mode protection and monoblock type.

MARSA lightning surge protector devices, its quality is always designed to meet the surge protection requirement of the electrical and electronic appliances in line with the change of technology. We have in house research team fully equipped to undertake the Research and Development task.



The products that have been produced by the company include instrument for lightning protection system which are produced by us under the brand MARSA. MARSA surge protectors are designed to protect single phase and three phase electrical supply system. Installed parallel to incoming feeder for power supply distribution board. This device is ready to divert up to 80kA surge current per phase (L-N), (L-E), (N-E) generated in electrical power line to the earth. Protection at this location is effective in suppressing the lightning surge, internal generated and over-charging transient conditions.



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