MARSA Lightning Surge Protector

Most of Surge protector device in Malaysian market come from different part of the world. MARSA Lightning Surge Protector is a Malaysian product which has undergone research and development to suit Malaysian and tropical extreme lightning density. common in Malaysia.

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MARSA products have been in the market for more than ten years and the product’s research and development (R & D) is being done continuously.

RS232 Surge Protector

MARSA RS232 Surge Protectors, DB series are designed specifically to protect input/output interface protection from the dangers…

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Power Line Surge Protector

MARSA Power Line Surge Protectors, PLP1 series are designed specifically to protect AC/DC power line at the equipment end from…

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Power Outlet Surge Protector

MARSA Power Outlet Surge Protectors, POSP1 series are designed specifically to protect…

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Power Surge Protector

MARSA Power Surge Protectors, PSP1 series are designed specifically to protect single phase and three phase supply system from …

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Power DC Surge Protector

MARSA Power DC Surge Protectors, PDCP1 series are designed specifically to protect DC systems from the dangers of…

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Data Line Cable Surge Protector

MARSA Data Line Cable Surge Protectors, DLPa series are designed specifically to protect data…

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DC Surge Protector

MARSA DC Surge Protectors, DCP350 series are designed specifically to provide protection for DC supply from…

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Marsa G Clamp

Marsa G Clamp is specifically are designed to clamp galvanised iron wire to reinforcement bars for structure bonding lightning…

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