There is a problem to solve behind every product being produced. MARSA’s is simple, being in the region with one of the highest lightning activity and the micro miniaturization of electronics drives our founder a Lightning Protection Specialist to solve this problem with a believe that if we can solve the lightning surge protection problem in Malaysia, we can solve the world’s.

Back in the 90’s being an electrical engineer in the Public Works Department, our founder was sent to the UK to pursue studies in lightning by the government. Once he came back to Malaysia with his master degree, he started revolutionizing the lightning and surge protection design for the government sector. During that time, many international product suppliers that supplies products to the government seeks his advice on how to optimize and how-to tailor made their surge protectors to cater Malaysia’s extreme lightning condition. After a couple rounds with the foreigners, he sits back and think for himself, these foreigners are here to gather our knowledge and expertise, improves their product with our knowledge and sells it back to us, and finally taking back money to their country.

From there, he started his research and gathered his resources to pursue a dream of producing a product reliable enough to cater Malaysia’s extreme lightning condition and proudly being called a Malaysian Product, thus Malaysia Advance Research in Surge Arrestor (MARSA) was born.

MARSA – Your Perfect Partner for Lightning and Surge Solution.


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